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Is Chin Implant Customization Necessary?

Written by Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman | April 2nd, 2018

A lot of people notice a little bit of facial asymmetry where one part of their chin is a little more ante or a little lower. A question that these people have is if it necessary to customize the implant. Along those same lines they also want to know how careful they have to be of the implants moving and what they need to be aware of. In regards to the first question there are custom 3D printing implants where you can actually customize the implant directly onto your features. This is an expensive process and even though fabrication is getting cheaper these days this is still unnecessary for most patients. There are a wide variety of implants with different types, styles and sizes. If you’re going to surgeons like us who are doing implants all the time we have access to all of the different sizers so we can always find the implants that are the right fit for you. That’s not to say that we don’t do suction customizations in surgery. There are things that can be done but to go through the whole customization of implants for most patients is overkill. Since most patients have facial symmetry that goes through the entire face dealing with just the chin level doesn’t add a whole lot.


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