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Financing Options for Your Facial Plastic Surgery

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Financial constraints are a serious consideration for many people who would otherwise happily proceed with their desired procedure. This is especially true for Revision Rhinoplasty patients who have already made huge investments in previous surgeries, in terms of funds, time, emotion and energy.

We empathize with patients who are being forced to live with an unwanted appearance, poor breathing, or other perceived deformity simply because cost is the limiting factor. At Profiles Beverly Hills we will do what we can to help you with financing your procedure. If you are traveling a great distance to get to Profiles Beverly Hills and have additional expenses as a result, or if you have had multiple costly procedures in the past, we will help where we can to make your procedure with us financially accessible.

CareCredit - www.carecredit.com Find out if you qualify for financing
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Find out if you qualify
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Pay for your facial
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When you are recovering, we do not want you stressing about the financial aspect of your procedure. Rather, we want you to dedicate all of your energies to healing. We offer multiple financing options through several respected financing companies, in order to make the process as smooth and simple as it can be. Click on the links to the right to learn more about these companies and their plans, to choose an option that you can work into your life. There are options available to meet every financial need, from low interest, short-term plans to longer-term plans that are better suited to students or others on a fixed budget. When you visit us for your consultation, our caring patient care coordinator will help you to navigate through this process and find an arrangement that works for you.

If we can answer any other questions for you regarding this or any other matters, please send an email or give us a call at (310) 276-6800. We look forward to seeing you.

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