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Long-term, habitual drug use can wreak havoc on lives and health. When drugs, such as cocaine, are snorted, the interior of the nose can become vulnerable to damage. A flexible but delicate three layer system of bone, cartilage and the mucosa nasal lining known as the nasal septum separates the two nasal passages. Drugs can […]

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The short answer to this question is: it is not common. However, septal perforation can happen and is more likely to be a risk for those with a history of nose surgery and/or those with a severely damaged or deviated septum. If you are considering a septoplasty and are concerned about the risks of a […]

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If you have been told that you have a septal perforation, it is best to have it evaluated and treated as soon as possible even if you are asymptomatic. Although some people may not feel discomfort by a small septal perforation, it is important to understand that a septal perforation—even if seemingly minor—can pose risks. […]

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