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    You have seen the early signs of facial aging, including deep wrinkles and sagging skin, and you are not too happy about it. Maybe you have been using anti-wrinkle injection and fillers, and have found that they are not doing enough for you anymore. You look around and see some people who look fantastic and appear to be aging effortlessly. Well, it may not just be good genes. It may be a facelift. And not just any facelift; it may have been a Hybrid Lift™. If you think you are ready to talk about a facelift, book an appointment at PROFILES Beverly Hills to see how our very own Hybrid Facelift in Los Angeles can transform your look and restore the natural, youthful appearance you have been longing for.

    Our LA Facelift has revolutionized the way we, as facial plastic surgeons, think about and approach facial rejuvenation. The aesthetic results we have seen with the Hybrid Lift™ have been nothing short of astonishing. Furthermore, our patients love that they can be up and around after only a few days.


    Because we combine the small incision with the lifting of all the deep tissues of your lower face, you will see lasting natural improvement in the neck, along the jawline, and in the cheek area. Best of all, we can customize the Hybrid Facelift procedure in Beverly Hills to suit your individual needs.

    Perhaps most importantly, the recovery and bruising after a Hybrid Lift™ are kept to a minimum. While you will not be lunching out the next day, our Hybrid Facelift patients in Beverly Hills are presentable and back to their activities soon after the procedure.

    The Hybrid Facelift LA is the only facelift that, in a single procedure and through the smallest of incisions, addresses the two main signs of facial aging:

    • Increased laxity of facial skin and muscles
    • Loss of facial fat and bony volume

    This innovative facelift surgery procedure combines the best of all available techniques to provide results that are superior to the mini facelift and the traditional facelift.

    As well-recognized specialists in the world of facial plastic surgery, we know that, for facial rejuvenation to work optimally, lifting and volume must be coupled in cosmetic facelift surgery. Therefore, we have incorporated micro fat transfer as part of our Hybrid Facelift™ in the cheek area and around the mouth for most of our patients in Los Angeles who are facelift candidates. In this way, we are able to give your entire face a consistently smooth, youthful convexity without the usual negatives of a traditional facelift.


    The question of which facelift technique is right for you is answered during your imaging consultation. This process is completed once we have determined the degree of aging and skin laxity the patient has, among other factors that are weighed against the patient’s needs, desires, fears, and limitations. Unlike other facelift centers dedicated to one particular type of procedure, Drs. Litner and Solieman avoid gimmicks and instead concentrate on customizing a treatment plan to best suit your unique goals. Our facial plastic surgeons take every precaution in planning your cosmetic facelift surgery in order to preserve your natural features while giving you the younger and more vibrant look you want and deserve.

    The aesthetic results Drs. Litner and Solieman have seen with their Hybrid Facelift in Beverly Hills have been revolutionary and nothing short of fantastic. Our patients love that they can be up and around after only a few days. If you are considering a facelift, we encourage you to contact us and book a consultation in which computer imaging will be used to show you personally what a Hybrid Facelift in LA can do for you.


    With the Hybrid Lift™ the skin is lifted in the lower face and neck so that the excess skin can be appropriately trimmed. However, we then go into a deeper plane to extensively lift the sagging tissues underneath the skin. It is this lift that actually creates a lasting, naturally beautiful outcome and minimizes swelling and bruising of the skin, shortening your recovery time. All the tension of the lift is placed on these deep tissues so your skin can drape naturally over your jawline and cheekbones without ever having a hint of a pulled look. The extra saggy skin is tailored and removed via the smaller incision which leaves less scarring and also leads to a quicker recovery, and a quicker recovery means you can start looking fabulous even sooner!

    The Hybrid Facelift is a minimally invasive procedure. This means it is performed through an incision that is shorter than the traditional facelift. The incision is hidden within the folds of the ear so that it is virtually invisible when healed. The diagrams and photos on this page show how our Hybrid Facelift matches up against other common facelifts and neck lifts.


    The Hybrid Facelift combines facial volume enhancement with an extensive lift of your sagging deep facial tissues, all performed through a small skin incision. In other words, Drs. Litner and Solieman combine the shorter recovery time and less visible scars of the mini-facelift with the effectiveness and longevity of the more extensive traditional facelifts. Whether you are just starting to see a sagging cheek, neck, and/or jawline, or have more advanced jowling, our LA Hybrid Facelift can be customized to your specific needs.

    The key benefits of the Hybrid Lift™ are:

    • With our deep lift, we are able to reposition the deep supporting facial tissues (the SMAS) back into their proper youthful location to give you a truly natural look.
    • Using a minimal incision just around the ear, it is completely inconspicuous. Unlike traditional lifts, we never get into the hairlines, move hair tufts, or cause a windswept appearance. You can style your hair any way you like.
    • While with mini facelifts only the superficial layers are manipulated, here the work is done in the deep layers, providing our patients with long-lasting results.
    • By restoring fat volume, we fill out the concavities responsible for your aged appearance and we restore your youthful, aesthetically pleasing heart-shaped facial structure.
    • By using your own fat as a facial filler, the results will look natural and will last. The same cannot be said for temporary facial fillers. Unlike with permanent fillers, you never need to worry about the long-term effects with our Hybrid Facelift.

    The following information is provided to give you a basic understanding of the PROFILES Hybrid Facelift, including how it can help you, how it is performed, and what you can expect. Because much of facial plastic surgery is dependent upon your individual characteristics, a personal PROFILES consultation is the best way to have all of your questions about the PROFILES facelift answered and have your specific needs addressed.

Why Do Patients Come to Profiles for Facelift


A Hybrid Facelift can improve your self-confidence and provide a more youthful, refreshed appearance. In general, we have found that men and women who have some elasticity in their skin and a strong, well-defined bone structure are the best candidates for a Hybrid Facelift in Beverly Hills. Other factors that we will take into consideration during your consultation include your skin type, your individual healing, your ethnic background, and your smoking history.

While the majority of our Hybrid Facelift patients range in age from their forties to their sixties, facelifts are also successfully performed at PROFILES on patients in their seventies and eighties. As you decide to undergo a PROFILES Hybrid Facelift in LA, you can also ask your doctors if there are any additional surgeries that they would recommend to enhance your facial appearance.

The PROFILES Hybrid Lift™ can yield amazing results that really last. However, similarly to other types of facelift surgery, there are some risks that all patients should keep in mind. Some of the risks and potential side-effects of a facelift include:

  • Bruising and discomfort during the short recovery
  • Temporary damage of facial nerves
  • Infection
  • Skin necrosis

At PROFILES, we have extensive experience performing facelifts. We work closely with each and every one of our patients to ensure that they achieve the results they have been dreaming of with minimal downtime and side effects.



The PROFILES Hybrid Lift™ starts with a minimally-invasive, mini-lift incision. Unlike traditional facelift incisions that extend into the hairline both in front of and behind the ears, our Hybrid Facelift incision is limited to the skin creases around the ear itself (shown in blue in the photos). This presents several very meaningful advantages that have patients from around the world coming to PROFILES for their facelifts. Incisions in the hairline can risk causing hair loss and upward pulling or even removal of the temporal hair tuft, the wispy tuft of short hairs in the sideburn area. The thinning, removal, or upward movement of this tuft is a clear giveaway of a facelift procedure and will often mean that women can not wear their hair back. The same goes for incisions in the hairline behind the ear that can heal poorly and be seen when your hair is pulled back. Over many years, we have found that these extended incisions are completely unnecessary, as they do not add any real benefit to the lift. Instead, our minimally invasive incisions ensure rapid healing and inconspicuous scars so you can enjoy your beautiful new face without fear of looking unnatural. Even better, you can style your hair any way you please!

The Hybrid Lift Treatment - female, oblique view, patient 1, step 1


Our Hybrid Facelift in LA uses mini-lift incisions that ensure rapid recovery but combines these with a lift that is extensive in its scope. This is a crucial aspect of the procedure as it allows us to accomplish the maximal reversal of your sagging neck and jawline. The area of skin lifted over the side of the face is shown in green, extending from your cheekbone over the jowl area and all the way down into the neck. For those in need of a platysmaplasty (central neck tightening), the central neck skin is elevated (shown in yellow) from just under the chin down over your windpipe, extending over to join the area elevated on the side of the face. In this way, the facial skin is elevated in continuity over all of your problem areas to ensure a comprehensive and smooth, natural lift without areas of dimpling or under-correction. In contrast, in a mini-lift, a much smaller area of skin is lifted just in front of and behind the ear, which translates to much less correction of sagging skin. While that might be fine for someone with very early jowling, someone needing more is going to be disappointed by what a mini-lift can accomplish as compared to our Hybrid Facelift in Beverly Hills.

The Hybrid Lift Treatment – female, oblique view, patient 1, step 2

The Hybrid Lift Treatment - female, oblique view, patient 1, step 2


Once the skin has been widely elevated, our Hybrid Facelift proceeds with the SMAS dissection, the heart and soul of our comprehensive, natural facelift. The SMAS (Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System) is an extensive layer of thin, but tough, fibrous tissue that covers the muscles and deeper tissues of the face and neck. Unlike many surgeons’ techniques that place most of the tension on the skin, it is this layer that does all the heavy lifting in the Hybrid Facelift. Why is this important? Because your skin is stretchy, the excessive tension placed on the skin will often lead to facelift problems such as the dreaded windswept look, stretching and widening of the incision, and pulling down of the ear lobe (pixie ear deformity). These problems are prevented by the placement of all tension on the SMAS layer. This also ensures the longevity of the lift. Since the SMAS layer is much less elastic and stretchy than the skin, the tension placed on the SMAS will provide an enduring lift that will not fail or fade over time. In our Hybrid Lift™, a large crescent of SMAS tissue is actually removed (shown in purple) and the edges are brought together. In addition, the platysma muscle (shown in red) is widely exposed so that it too can be tightened to provide the ultimate in neck recontouring.

The Hybrid Lift Treatment - female, oblique view, patient 1, step 3


The tightening of the SMAS and platysma layer has two key components that allow us to achieve a remarkable recontouring and definition of the neck, jawline, and lower face. First, splayed platysma edges are brought together in the midline under the chin. With age, the normal connection between the platysma muscles frays and widens, causing banding of muscle in the neck and allowing fat pockets to protrude (in yellow). In the Hybrid Facelift, this muscle connection is repaired using a corset-type suture technique that tightly overlaps the edges in the midline, restoring a youthful neckline. Next, the crescent of SMAS tissue in the face is removed, and the leading edge is lifted and tightly secured to bring the edges back together. A critical aspect of the lift is the vector, the direction in which the tissues are pulled and tightened as noted by the arrows. The vector of the lift should be about 45 degrees along the jawline, and from the corner of the mouth to the upper ear. Anything more horizontal or vertical in direction can cause unnatural distortion of the tissues and an operated appearance. Using the correct vector in our Hybrid Facelift allows us to provide a completely natural, unoperated result.

The Hybrid Lift Treatment - female, oblique view, patient 1, step 4


Here you see the edges of the platysma have been oversewn and the edges of the SMAS have been sutured back together (shown in purple). Placement of tension on these deep tissue repairs will ensure a smooth, extremely robust, and long-lasting improvement of contour for many years to come. At this point, there is a lot of extra skin to remove! Since all of the tension of the lift is placed on the deep tissues, the skin can be gently re-draped over the face and neck. The excess skin around the ear is carefully trimmed flush and removed without any pulling or distortion. We often remove as much as an inch or more of skin from each side. Without tension, the incisions heal quickly and smoothly and are almost imperceptible within a short time after surgery. Patients often cannot believe how good their neck and jawlines look even the day after surgery! Now that the sagging tissues of the face and neck have been corrected, we turn our attention to dealing with the second major indicator of facial aging, loss of facial volume.

The Hybrid Lift Treatment - female, oblique view, patient 1, step 5


Our famous Hybrid Lift™ would not be complete without facial fat transfer to your cheeks and folds. We love fat transfer at PROFILES! There is nothing better for natural, volumetric enhancement of deflated cheeks, under-eye hollows, and deep facial folds around the mouth and chin. Nothing makes you look younger and with more vitality than full, healthy-looking facial contours. That is why every Hybrid Facelift we perform includes comprehensive fat transfer to all areas that are in need (shown in blue). As we age, not only does our skin stretch but our tissues shrink. We lose volume in our fat pads as well as bone density. This leads to an appearance of deflation and loss of volume. Therefore, any facial augmentation procedure should address volume loss to get the best possible result. Unlike temporary fillers, think of fat transfer as a fat transplant in which healthy living cells are transferred from your body to your face. Many wonder whether these transferred cells survive for very long or go away over time. The success of this procedure has a lot to do with using the right technique, and we can tell you that, in our hands, you should expect to have a fantastic result that will last for many, many years.








    There are many factors that affect the price of a facelift procedure. The complexity of the operation, the patient’s geographic location, and the surgeons’ expertise will all influence the total price of a facelift. In order to get an accurate quote, you should consult with a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon that has adequate credentials to help you achieve your cosmetic goals the first time.


    Conventional facelift procedures rely on a series of incisions, which result in mild to moderate discomfort for the patient during recovery. However, the Hybrid Facelift in LA uses mini-lift incisions that help accelerate recovery and keep pain at a minimum. Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman want to ensure that their patients are as comfortable as possible, so they prepare a course of OTC analgesics and prescription medication in severe cases.


    Patients that undergo a conventional facelift may take up to 6 weeks to recover. Because the PROFILES Hybrid Facelift in Los Angeles uses mini-lift incisions, the recovery process is much quicker. However, all cases are different, so the best way to get an accurate estimate of the recovery time is to consult with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon that takes into account your unique requirements.


    Every year, there are more than 121,500 facelift procedures carried out in the US alone, so this procedure is relatively common. However, as with any operation, there are some risks and potential side effects that range from complications with anesthesia to mild pain. Dr. Solieman and Dr. Litner evaluate each patient and order a full medical examination before each LA Hybrid Facelift in order to minimize the chances of potential complications.


    The Hybrid Facelift produces long-lasting results without the extensive recovery time that comes with conventional facelifts. This is possible thanks to the combination of mini-lift incisions and deep tissue alteration, which Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman have perfected over the years. Moreover, the procedure is also tailored to each patient’s unique needs, so you will not have to seek a revision or touch-up later on.

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