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Chin Implants: Can it move post-surgery?

Chin Implants: Can it move post-surgery?

Posted by Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman on December 27th, 2017

A frequent question many patients ask is once the chin implant is in there, what keeps it from moving around? Do I need to worry about it moving later on? Thankfully the answer is relatively simple. Unless you get into an accident where your chin is broken, the chances of the implant moving is almost 0%.

There are two types of implants that most surgeons use. The first type that we prefer is Silicone Implants. With these implants, a capsule is formed around the implant which holds everything together. It does take a little bit of time for the capsule to form. We typically throw a couple of sutures in there in order to guarantee everything stays in place. A skilled surgeon will keep the pockets relatively small so that there is not a lot of room for the implant to move around.

The second type of implant is the Medpor Implant. Medpor allows the tissues, as it’s growing, to grow through the tiny pores in the implant itself. Theoretically, this allows the implant to stabilize better and actually help hold the implant in place. However, we find that these implants may be problematic. If the patient for some reason wants the implant to be removed needs to have the implant removed it will be more problematic to remove. If the tissue has already grown into the implant, removing it may cause dimpling or other types of superficial issues. Some tissue will need to be removed along with the implant.

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