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Why do some surgeons seem to do the same nose for everyone?

Why do some surgeons seem to do the same nose for everyone?

Posted by Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman on February 20th, 2008

That’s a good question that doesn’t have a very good answer. Some surgeons in certain geographic areas will tend to attract a more homogeneous group of patients with similar features who may desire similar types of results. But, in a multiethnic large city, you shouldn’t be able to pass someone on the street and say to yourself, “Hey, that’s a Dr. Smith nose.” Ideally, you shouldn’t recognize a good rhinoplasty result at all.

The most common cause for this finding is that many surgeons train in and are comfortable with specific Rhinoplasty techniques. As a result, they may not vary their technique substantially from patient to patient. It’s not so much a formula. But, many have honed their skills within a particular zone of comfort and they feel that this skill set has worked for them in their practices. Sometimes it’s not a surgeon’s technique but a surgeon’s aesthetic standards that are at cause. Some surgeons have very strongly felt and unwavering ideas of what constitutes an ideal nose and they may indirectly impose these on their patients.

The trouble is that there is no aesthetic nasal standard that is ideal for everyone. There are certain features that are known to be more feminizing or that are thought to be more attractive even across racial and ethnic boundaries. And, your surgeon should guide you with respect to these when you jointly create your surgical plan. But, apart from these, your particular aesthetic should be the primary guiding factor. After all, you will have to and hopefully will be overjoyed to live with your new nose for a lifetime.

Also of critical importance is that we cannot look at your nose in isolation. An very softly attractive small feminine nose on someone else’s face may be a mismatch for your full face and strong jawline. Everyone has a slightly different aesthetic ideal when it comes to their noses. Some feel that a long, sharply defined Roman or ‘Aquiline’ nose with a straight profile is classically elegant and sophisticated. Others prefer a much softer, more natural look. An important part of the consultative process is to help tease out your specific preferences to better inform our choices of surgical techniques. Just as there are countless aesthetic nasal ideals, there must be an equal variety of Rhinoplasty techniques in which the experienced surgeon is well-versed in order to deliver the particular nose that is right for you.

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