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Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Posted by Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman on August 23rd, 2017

In our practice, a lot of patients come to us when they have problems with acne, especially those who have had cystic acne for a long time. Cystic acne can leave pitted scars and deep marks throughout the face. Often patients have tried quite a few options other options such as creams and laser treatments and wonder what else is possible to help them.

For focal spots, for example, one or two “ice pick scars” (deep narrow cylindrical depressions) we may recommend some focal laser spot treatment or a subcision, putting fat or filler underneath the depression. These solutions have proven very effective in these situations.

Patents with more diffuse, larger areas of acne on the face that have exhausted all other options like laser treatment and have gotten the maximum amount of improvement they can get should consider more exacting procedures. Older patients especially, may some laxity around the face as well as jowling. For these patients we would recommend a facelift. It is important to know that we would not recommend this procedure to most patients. This procedure is for those who have past the period of cystic acne and even are postmenopausal and have tried other options with no avail. Candidates for this procedure tend to be more mature, usually late 40’s and older. These are the patients who should consider having a conversation about a surgical facelift.

This mini-facelift of sorts would act as a subcision would but on a larger area of skin with a lot of deep scars. We will treat the acne from underneath with the lift and then the top layer with lasers. The facelift will release the scarring and once the skin is gently stretched, improvements in the depth and overall appearance of these scars.

When patients ask whether they should have a laser treatment before or after the surgery, our answer is surgery first then laser treatment after. Why? When the skin is stretched, the scars and pitting are brought to the surface and the laser is better able to penetrate making the procedure more effective. An added bonus of having the laser treatment after the surgery would be that if there is redness or inflammation around the incision of the facelift this can be treated at the same time.

Deciding to take the next step in order treat acne scars and get the results you want. Dr. Jason Litner and Dr. Peyman Solieman, based in Los Angeles, California, are world renowned and both double board certified plastic surgeons. Both have experience working with all skin types and understand how important it is to treat each patient as an individual. Call our Los Angeles office to schedule a consultation.

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