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Written by Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman
Male face, before and after Facelift treatment, right side view
Facelift Results
Male face, before and after Facelift treatment, right side view (Facelift Incisions Comparison)
Facelift Incisions Comparison

At Profiles, we are seeing increasingly more men who are interested in restoring their youthful appearance, with a surge of interest in botox, skincare, laser treatments, and, yes, facelifts too. Whether they are seeking to be more competitive in the workplace or just want to get more out of life, thanks to our modern facelift techniques, men can achieve a fantastic natural-looking facelift result here at Profiles Beverly Hills.

Facelifts are the fifth most popular cosmetic surgery for men and are the third most popular facial procedure for men after eyelid lifts and rhinoplasty, according to the most recent statistics. While most men would be more than happy to look younger and eliminate their sagging turkey necks, many are understandably concerned about the length of recovery time and the potential for visible scars. While it is true that men may have a harder time hiding their incisions (as most don’t wear their hair long), if the procedure is designed and executed well, men can get back to their lives quickly and leave everyone marveling at how good they look for their ages.

A great facelift for men starts with planning the right incision. This can be done in one of two ways, depending on the location and thickness of a man’s beard line and the depth of facial creases in front of the ear. For men with heavy beards, we often place the incision in an existing skin crease just behind the beard line so that, when excess skin is pulled back and removed, the incision will be situated and concealed right along the back edge of the beard line (see right photo). This allows it to be virtually inconspicuous. For men whose beard hair is sparse, we prefer to design the incision as in the photo on the right. This is because the light beard wouldn’t be able to hide the incision nearly as well. With this design, the incision is concealed mostly by the tragal cartilage of the ear and heals extremely well. The incision behind the ear in both cases is never carried past the ear itself, so that men can cut their hair short without ever worrying about visible scars.

Men have thicker skin and heavier deep tissues than their female counterparts. However, the same principles that apply to creating a lasting, effective, and natural-looking lift for women apply even more so to men. A key feature involves first understanding how much skin should be lifted. Most men don’t want to look “stretched” or “pulled”- they just want to look good for their age. At Profiles Beverly Hills, Drs. Solieman and Litner know just how much skin and muscle to tighten to achieve just the right amount of neck and jawline rejuvenation without looking like they’ve ever had surgery. To accomplish this, it’s critical to lift the deep tissues in the correct vector, neither pulling too much posteriorly nor too much vertically (see our page on Facelift technique for details). It’s also critically important to place all of the tension of the lift on the deep tissues so that the skin incisions can heal together without tension. In this way, there is no widening of the scar and no meaningful distortion of the ear.

When meticulous care and attention is paid to appropriate technique, older men can look great and no one need know why. If you’re considering male facial rejuvenation, give us a call to review your options and see what a Profiles Facelift can do for you.


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