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Written by Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman

Whatever your background or ethnicity, whether it be Caucasian, Middle Eastern, African American, Hispanic, East Asian, Native/Indigenous Peoples, or Pacific Islander, there is one thing that most people agree on, and it’s that getting old stinks! This is especially true for the toll that time takes on your facial appearance, ravaging it with deep lines and wrinkles, muscle wasting, fat loss and sagging skin. Many of our patients are curious about whether their Facelifts will be different based on their individual characteristics, including their ethnicity.

While there is a huge amount of inter-individual variation in the effects of aging and anti-aging needs, there are some aspects that are common to people of different ethnicities. We will try to give you a sense of these, keeping in mind that these are broad generalizations and may not apply perfectly to your specific needs.


Many Caucasians of European or Slavic ancestry (traditionally considered white skin) have thin skin that tends to lose elasticity and dry out with age. They are also generally much more susceptible to the effects of sun damage, leading to progressively more wrinkling, coarseness, and mottled pigmentation of the skin. As a result, they can often look older for their ages than those of other ethnicities.

There are some positives to having thinner skin though. Thin skin tends to drape easily and heal quickly with incisions that almost disappear soon after surgery. Thin skin also tends to make for an easier lift for most people with the ability to remove a large amount of skin. However, if you wait too long, with increasing age, we may find poor skin elasticity and loss of contractility can lend to a less ideal outcome. So while you may not want to get surgery too early, you also do not want to wait too long.

At Profiles, Drs. Litner and Solieman apply advanced techniques in their Facelift procedures and routinely achieve great results for our happy patients. While Facelifts beautifully redrape and tighten saggy tissues, they don’t treat poor skin quality (textural issues with the skin itself). That said, fine lines and textural skin problems can often be treated with one of our state of the art lasers. We often combine Facelift with fat transfer as part of our HybridLift to round out the beautiful, natural youthful rejuvenation.


For those of you who are of Arabic, Iranian, or Mediterranean ancestry, the issues involved with a facelift are very similar to our other Caucasian (white patients of European background), although often to a lesser degree. For many of you, you may have thicker skin, though many will still have relatively thin skin. Those of you with thin skin tend to have more fine lines and coarseness, though often less so than our European patients. Those with thicker skin tend to suffer fewer issues with skin quality as you age but may note heavier jowling or sagging of the neck. Facelifting techniques are similar to those applied for Caucasians of European background with the possible addition of fat grafting and laser resurfacing for the right patient.


In general, most of our African American patients have thicker skin that is often more oily/sebaceous, allowing them to age very well. In addition, increased melanin production maximizes their natural sun protection in comparison to those of other ethnicities. These features tend to translate to improved aging and skin quality wherein the need for Facelift surgery is often delayed until older age. When jowling and skin sagging finally do begin to manifest, a Facelift can be a wonderful procedure for our African American patients.

Thicker skin can present some challenges for inexperienced Facelift surgeons, as heavy skin and tissues tend to resist lift. In addition, many African American patients are more concerned about scarring and whether their incisions will be more visible. When proper surgical planning is undertaken by highly skilled surgeons like Drs. Solieman and Litner, these issues are not a concern. You should expect a fantastic outcome with incisions that are virtually undetectable. When you come in for your consultation, we’ll talk with you about our innovative Facelift techniques that allow us to overcome any challenges to accomplish a great-looking, natural result for each and every one of our valued patients.


Many of our Hispanic patients share similar features to our African American patients in that they tend towards thicker and more oily/sebaceous skin but to a much lesser degree. As a result, they tend not to experience much sun damage, but have fewer concerns with scars.

In addition, many of our Hispanic patients have additional post-acne scarring or other skin quality concerns for which they want improvement. Laser resurfacing or subcision with fat transfer can do extremely well in such cases to enhance the overall effect of a Facelift. Again, specialized techniques and close post-operative monitoring of healing progress allows the achievement of excellent outcomes while minimizing the appearance of incisions.


Those patients of East Asian descent are similar to Middle Eastern patients in that there is greater variability in skin texture and quality within this group. Some have thick skin, often having post-acne scarring concerns that can be addressed along with sagging skin during a Facelift procedure. On the other hand, many have thin, fragile skin that exhibits significant loss of elasticity and, consequently, deep wrinkling, coarseness, and fine lines in response to aging or sun damage. Excessive pigmentation and melasma can also be a factor that needs to be addressed as part of our comprehensive approach to anti-aging in our East Asian patients.

Rest assured that, whatever your ethnic background or individual concerns, the surgeons at Profiles Beverly Hills have the experience and ability to get you the beautiful, natural transformation you need to turn back the clock and rediscover your younger you! Call us to schedule your personalized anti-aging plan today!


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