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Nasal Aesthetics & Analysis

Written by Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman

Nasal Aesthetics and Analysis

How your Nose Should Look

Nasal aesthetics and nasal anatomy are critical to rhinoplasty. Drs. Litner and Solieman have not only technical expertise, but a keen eye for what will be aesthetically pleasing for you based on your proportions. A surgeon can be technically perfect, but if the end goal of what he achieves or seeks to achieve is not aesthetically pleasing, surgery will be considered a failure.

Numerous papers have been written not only to define the proportions and angles which constitute the aesthetic ideal but also to develop formulas to determine how closely an individual patient comes to matching these aesthetic ideals. However, the parameters suggested by these papers do not take into consideration that nasal aesthetics must be viewed within the context of an individual’s overall facial aesthetics.

In fact, it is critical to understand, that it is neither possible nor desirable to impose the same preconceived “ideal” nose on every patient. And so, during the preoperative evaluations, Drs. Litner and Solieman will listen extensively to you, as you voice your concerns not only with respect to what you want changed but also any identity-bound characteristics you want to have left in place. Rhinoplasty should not neutralize your face by robbing it of the individual characteristics or special familial characteristics that are unique to you. While some patients may wish to be rid of the “family nose”, you should still retain your unique individuality through the surgical process.

For Drs. Solieman and Litner aesthetic diagnosis is reduced to two processes- “observation and visualization.” By observation they mean a methodical visual inspection during which they compare each nasal characteristic against an ideal standard. During visualization they then consider, while taking your anatomic limitations into account, how various alterations would affect your overall nasal form. Once a clear, detailed mental image is created, you and your surgeon can outline a surgical plan that’s right for you. You will notice that Drs. Litner and Solieman take a good deal of time to examine your nose during your consultation.

Young woman's face - before rhinoplasty treatment, front view, patient 1Young woman's face - after rhinoplasty treatment, front view, patient 1BeforeAfter
Young woman's face - before rhinoplasty treatment, right side view, patient 1Young woman's face - after rhinoplasty treatment, right side view, patient 1BeforeAfter

The surgical plan then emerges from:


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