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Restore Volume, Smooth Wrinkles

There are many different fillers on the market that can provide anti-aging solutions. While there are several procedures available for treating lines and wrinkles, Voluma, a temporary injectable filler from Juvéderm, is specifically designed to increase volume under the skin’s surface in order to lift and contour the area around the cheek. Voluma is generally used to treat the loss of cheek volume experienced through the process of aging. As we get older our cheeks tend to flatten and, in some cases, the skin around the cheekbone begins to sag. This is called “age-related midface volume loss”. Voluma is designed to restore this lost volume to return your cheeks to a more youthful fullness. It can also be used to create more cheek structure and definition for those who have always wanted it. At Profiles, we find Voluma to be an ideal treatment for those who are not yet ready for facial fat transfer, the more permanent mid-face volume enhancement.

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How It Works

Voluma is unique because it is comprised of dense hyaluronic acid, which allows it to add volume to the cheek area, resulting in a notable lift. Once injected under the skin, it has an instant hydrating effect. It is the ideal filler to enhance sunken, drooping and/or hollow cheeks. This characteristic also makes it one of the longest lasting fillers on the market, with results that can last up to two years. The Voluma gel is injected just above the level of the cheekbone. This is a deeper injection than other fillers that are used to treat facial lines or wrinkles around the eyes, nose and lips. In addition, some studies have shown that when patients who were treated with Voluma went back for another treatment after 2 years, they often needed fewer products to achieve their desires results. Voluma is only recommended for adults over 21 years old.


After a Voluma injection, the results are immediate and most patients can resume their regular activities with no need for downtime. Usually patients see excellent results with a single treatment. However, outcomes will vary from patient to patient. It is recommended to wait at least two weeks after the procedure to determine if a touch-up is needed to achieve optimal results.

Due to its dense hyaluronic acid formula, which makes Voluma one of the longest lasting cheek fillers on the market, the cheek area may feel tight for a few days after the procedure. Furthermore, because Voluma is a deep injection near the cheekbone, the area may be sore and feel hard to the touch. These temporary side effects are normal and should subside within a week. For the first two days after the procedure it can be helpful to use ice on your cheeks for the swelling, as well as taking Tylenol for any discomfort.

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Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman, two of the best plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, are committed to helping their patients achieve exceptional results. At Beverly Hills Profiles, all surgical procedures are performed together by both Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman, both double board certified Los Angeles facial plastic surgeons, to ensure the highest standard of care. For more information regarding Voluma and to see if it is the right filler for you, contact Beverly Hills Profiles today.

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