Written by Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman 11/03/21

This procedure is also known as buccal lipectomy, or cheek fat reduction surgery. The surgical procedure involves removing the buccal fat pads from the lower cheek, creating a slimmer facial appearance in patients who feel that their cheeks are disproportionate to their face. This will help achieve a contoured look without contouring!

What Does The Procedure Involve?

Our experienced board-certified facial plastic surgeons Drs. Solieman and Litner will conduct a pre-operative consultation with you to determine the best surgical approach. Typically, they will follow these steps during buccal fat removal surgery:

  • Administer an anesthetic- the procedure is generally done under some light sedation
  • Make a small incision from the inside of your cheek
  • Remove your buccal fat pads with great care and precision
  • Close the incision with stitches

It is normal to experience minor swelling of the cheeks after the surgery. This will subside within a week or two. Bruising is not typically experienced with this procedure. Pain is not a significant factor in recovery from buccal fat removal and patients typically do not need much in the way of pain management.

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Our doctors will discuss aftercare with you and it may include:

  • Maintaining a liquid/soft diet for up to a day after the surgery
  • Rinsing after meals to reduce risk of infection
  • Medications to take after surgery
  • Instructions on how to care for your surgical site

Are You A Candidate for Profiles Beverly Hills Buccal Fat Removal?

This cosmetic surgery is a very individualized procedure and can have a significant, positive impact on a patient’s self-image. Generally, you are a good candidate for buccal fat removal surgery if:

  • You have a round, fuller face which you dislike
  • You have realistic expectations
  • You are in good health
  • You have a healthy weight

Risks Associated with this Procedure

Our doctors are experienced in minimizing the risks associated with any type of surgery including buccat fat removal. It is important to choose your facial plastic surgeon wisely. Consult with Profiles Beverly Hills at our office in Los Angeles to discuss your facial structure concerns and how buccal fat removal may be beneficial to you.

Why Choose Beverly Hills Profiles?

Drs. Solieman and Litner are both double-board certified Facial Plastic Surgeons. They have been working together in the Los Angeles area for the last 15 years and start each day with the hope and promise to do their very best to take care of each and every patient. They take joy in spending each day listening to their patient’s needs, evaluating their patients’ goals, and designing and implementing a smart, custom-tailored surgical plan for every patient.

Schedule your buccal fat removal consultation with Beverly Hills Profiles by calling (310) 276-6800 today.


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