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Midface Effects of the Deep-Plane thumbnailMidface Effects of the Deep-Plane vs the Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System Plication Face-lift – Peter A. Adamson, MD; Ravi Dahiya, MD; Jason Litner, MD
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Kridel RWH and Soliemanzadeh P: “The Aging Face” Head and Neck Surgery – Otolaryngology. Second Edition. Lippincott- Raven Publishers, Accepted for publication.

Modulation of Wound Response and Soft Tissue Ingrowth in Synthetic and Allogeneic Implants With Platelet Concentrate – Anthony P. Sclafani, MD; Thomas Romo III, MD; Gennady Ukrainsky, MD, DDS; Steven A. McCormick, MD; Jason Litner, MD; Sherwin V. Kevy, MD; May S. Jacobson, PhD
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Midface Effects of the Deep-Plane thumbnailNasal Tip Overprojection: Algorithm of Surgical Deprojection Techniques and Introduction of the Medial Crural Overlay Soliemanzadeh P, Kridel RWH. Arch Facial Plast Surg. Accepted for Publication.
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Limited vs Extended Face-lift TechniquesObjective Analysis of Intraoperative Results – Jason A. Litner, MD, FRCSC; Peter A. Adamson, MD, FRCSC, FACS
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Reduction Structural Rhinoplasty Romo T, Soliemanzadeh P, Choe KS, Sclafani AP. Facial Plastic Surgery. Published November 2003;19(4):317-323.

Facial Plastic Surgery - Anthropometric Measurements and Quantitative Analysis of Facial AestheticsThe Korean American Woman’s FaceAnthropometric Measurements and Quantitative Analysis of Facial Aesthetics – Kyle S. Choe, MD; Anthony P. Sclafani, MD; Jason A. Litner, MD; Guo-Pei Yu, MD, MPH; Thomas Romo III, MD
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Endoscopic and Transconjunctival Orbital Decompression for Thyroid- Related Orbital Apex Compression Soliemanzadeh P, Della Rocca DA, Maher E, Della Rocca RC, Schaefer SD. Laryngoscope. Published March 2003;113:508-513.
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The Korean American Woman’s Nose – An In-depth Nasal Photogrammatic Analysis – Kyle S. Choe, MD; Haresh R. Yalamanchili, MD; Jason A. Litner, MD; Anthony P. Sclafani, MD; Vito C. Quatela, MD
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Endoscope decontamination A new polymer technology allowing enzymatic breakdown of biocontaminants. Soliemanzadeh P and Krespi JP. Managing Infection Control. Published October 2002;2(10):70-73.

Lumbar Puncture in Pediatric Bacterial Meningitis Defining the Time Interval for Recovery of Cerebrospinal Fluid Pathogens After Parenteral Antibiotic Pretreatment. Kanegaye JT, Soliemanzadeh P, Bradley JS. Pediatrics. 2001;108:1169-1174
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