Written by Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman 11/03/21

At Profiles, our team of two facial plastic surgeons work together on each case to get the best surgical results for our patients. Upon your initial consultation at our Beverly Hills office, we will take great care in evaluating the proportions of your facial structure and suggest surgical and non-surgical treatments, if applicable, to rebalance your features. Call us today at (310) 276-6800 to find out more.

What Does The Procedure Involve?

Forehead reduction surgery can be done in one of two ways:

  1. reduce the size of the forehead by moving the entire scalp forward and removing the extra forehead skin. The procedure can be done under sedation or general anesthesia so that you experience no pain or discomfort and have minimal bleeding during surgery.
  2. Hair transplant that involves implanting follicles of hair to the forehead to lower the hairline

At Profiles, our team of doctors are unique in being able to tailor this procedure as a one stage procedure that allows you to both lower the hairline and when desired, elevate the brow all in one procedure.

Unique Approach Allowing Forehead Reduction and BrowLift in One Surgery

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Our doctors have pioneered a specific approach that allows you to get forehead elevation along with browlift. This unique procedure allows you to also reduce the activity of the forehead muscles so that you can significantly reduce the need for Anti-Wrinkle Injection after the surgery for the foreseeable future. It also allows the doctors to tailor your browlift so you can be more symmetric and get the level and type of brow elevation you want. In other words, if you need hairline advancement and want a more elevated lateral brow (cat eye) effect, our doctors can do this through our one of a kind approach.

Throughout the surgical process, great care is taken to preserve the hair follicles and nerves, ensuring that the incision is meticulously hidden by the hairline upon hair regrowth.

Patients usually resume normal daily activity after one week, with minimal pain and discomfort to be expected for the first day or two after the surgery.

Our surgeons will discuss aftercare with you and it may include:

  • Light activity for 2 weeks- meaning no strenuous exercise.
  • Can work from home and largely look presentable within a few days.
  • Sleep at a 45-degree angle for one week.
  • Full recovery is expected within four to six weeks.

Are You A Candidate for Hairline Lowering at Profiles Beverly Hills?

Before considering forehead reduction surgery, it is important to assess whether your scalp tissue has the ability to stretch. Patients who can identify with one or more of the following may benefit from forehead reduction surgery:

  • High hairline
  • Large forehead
  • Low or heavy eyebrows
  • Had hair grafting done and want to increase the hairline
  • Had a brow lift done and want to bring the hairline forward
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Risks Associated with Forehead Reduction Surgery

It is therefore important to choose your facial plastic surgeon wisely. Our complication and revision rates are very low, due to meticulous preparation, thorough process of understanding your medical history and minimizing risk factors. In general, the following risks may be associated with forehead reduction surgery:

  • Bleeding during and after surgery
  • General anesthesia side-effects
  • Allergic reaction to local or general anesthesia
  • Infection of the incision area
  • Numbness at the incision area
  • Tingling at the surgical site
  • Hair loss and scarring

Why Choose Profiles Beverly Hills?

Drs. Solieman and Litner are both double-board certified facial plastic surgeons. They have been working together in the Los Angeles area for the last 15 years and start each day with the hope and promise to do their very best to take care of each and every patient. They take joy in spending each day listening to their patient’s needs, adjusting their patients’ expectations, and designing and implementing a smart, custom-tailored surgical plan.

Schedule your forehead reduction consultation with Profiles Beverly Hills by calling (310) 276-6800 today.


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