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Facelift Before & After Photos

All photos shown are real patients of Profiles Beverly Hills. After photos are taken at least one year after surgery unless stated otherwise. No photo has been altered in any way.

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Female patient case 6 - front view- before and after photos

Case 1: A weak chin and jawline combined with heavier skin can tend to exacerbate aging changes even in younger people. In this case, a combination approach was taken including a chin implant, platysmaplasty or neck tightening along with neck liposuction, and fat transfer to the cheeks along with rhinoplasty to reverse the drawn and tired look. Instead, she now looks brighter and younger with far more balanced features. In the case of younger patients with good skin elasticity, the combination of liposuction and volume restoration can often create a dramatic, truly transformative change without the need for a lift.


Female patient case 3- front view- before and after photos

Case 2: This avid outdoors woman and former pro athlete had accumulated a lot of sun damage over the years, making her feel much older than her true age and high energy level would suggest. A trichophytic forehead lift was able to elevate her brows to a more youthful position and smoothen her forehead lines without raising her hairline. Even better, because the forehead muscles are weakened as part of this procedure, her need for botox in future is all but eliminated. A Profiles Hybrid Lift, combining a lower face and neck lift with fat transfer, brought back a stunning neck line while significantly softening her cheeks and the deep folds along her mouth. Finally, skin resurfacing helped to remove her existing sun damage to restore a beautiful glow to her skin.


Female patient case 8 - front view- before and after photos

Case 3: This pretty former model was noticing some of the early signs of facial aging, including brow ptosis, heaviness around the eyes, cheek hollowing, and the beginnings of jowls and neck laxity. She underwent full facial rejuvenation with a trichophytic brow lift, upper and lower eyelid tightening, lower face and neck lift, and fat transfer to her sunken cheeks. The result is a remarkably softened appearance. You can see that, when tension is placed on the deep tissues and not the skin, the incisions heal virtually invisibly without stretching or pulling, and she is able to wear her hair however she likes.


Female patient case 4 - front view- before and after photos

Case 4: This patient was just ecstatic with the results of her revision Hybrid Lift. A previous face lift had left her with widened scars below the ears and a ‘pixie ear’ deformity in which the attached ear lobes were excessively pulled down to a point. This occurs when too much tension in a facelift is placed on the skin itself without proper lift of the deep tissues. In addition, she was unhappy with her recurrent jowls and squaring of the jawline. Loss of fat volume with flattening of the cheek area further contributed to the more square appearance to the face. The Profiles Hybrid Lift combined the benefits of a deep tissue facelift to get meaningful and natural lift of the neck and lower face with fat transfer to the mid face to restore a beautiful, feminine contour. Because the tension of our lift is on the deep tissues, the skin drapes naturally around the ears to resolve her earlobe issues and allow for totally inconspicuous incisions. Finally, a medium depth chemical peel smoothened her skin’s fine lines and textural irregularities.


Female patient case 5 - front view- before and after photos

Case 5: For this Asian patient, loss of facial volume due to aging, made her face appear masculine, with a boxy shape. She also did not like the hollowing that had developed in her cheeks and around the lower mouth area, making her look like she was always frowning. She had explored the idea of a mini-lift because she wanted to look completely natural without any sign of having had a lift. For her, a Hybrid Lift was the ideal procedure to eliminate her jowls, smoothen her jawline, and significantly soften her cheeks. Since the Hybrid Lift accomplishes a deep lift through a shortened incision around the ear, the resultant scars are completely imperceptible and the hairline at the temple is not altered, so women are free to wear their hair up in any style.


Case 18 - front view- before and after photos

Case 6: This young professional woman was starting to see the early signs of facial aging and wasn’t happy with the direction in which she was headed. In these photos, you can see how a lower face lift combined with facial fat transfer has erased the early jowling and sagging neck to restore her smooth, slim-lined neck and jawline, while volume restoration in her mid-face and cheeks gives her a youthful, beautiful, bright-eyed appearance. And, all of this is accomplished while maintaining a natural, unoperated appearance. A conservative rhinoplasty was also performed.


Male patient case 7 - front view- before and after photos

Case 7: For men, a frequent motivation for seeking a facelift is the sense that aging has led their faces to look heavier and more gaunt or severe in appearance. Friends and business contacts tell them they look tired or angry, and many are worried about staying competitive in the business world. For this patient, a mini lift was combined with a rhinoplasty and fat transfer to the mid face and nasolabial folds to reverse his facial aging and to return him to a more youthful, streamlined facial appearance.


Female patient case 2- front view- before and after photos

Case 8: The next 2 patients are identical twins whose Hybrid Face Lifts were featured on ET: The Insider in September 2008 (click here to see the clip). They had been using fillers and Botox for a while but were starting to notice their jowls and neck lines a lot more. PROFILES signature Hybrid Lift combines a deep lift along the entire neck and lower face through a small incision along with fat transfer to the areas around the mouth and beneath the eyes to create a look that is truly youthful and natural. The twins were ecstatic with the results of their Hybrid Lift and look forward to enjoying their new looks for many years to come.


Male patient case 8 - front view- before and after photos

Case 9: Another common issue for men is the concern about visible scars. Often without the advantage of long hair to conceal incisions, most men are worried about recovery time and how quickly they can return to work and other activities. And, they absolutely never want to look like they have possibly had something ‘done’. This patient was most concerned with his neck laxity and lower eyelid hollows. These concerns are fully alleviated with the Profiles Hybrid Lift which maximally tightens sagging neck skin and muscle while maintaining a completely natural appearance. The placement of the incision is a little different for men where it is hidden at the back edge of the beard line for the greatest concealment without pulling beard hair back onto the ear. You can see here how nicely and inconspicuously it heals. Combined with a lower blepharoplasty or eyelid lift and fat transfer, he now looks and feels like a new man.

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