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Browlift Before & After Photo Gallery

All photos shown are real patients of Profiles Beverly Hills. After photos are taken at least one year after surgery unless stated otherwise. No photo has been altered in any way.

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Browlift. Case 1.  Before and After Photo Gallery: Female - frontal view

Case 1: Facial aging can be hard on someone who is naturally thin by creating a more severe and skeletonized appearance as facial fat is lost. A combined approach was used to create a beautiful transformation, including a trichophytic brow lift, lower lid tightening, and facelift along with a conservative rhinoplasty to straighten and balance her nose. Notice how the eyes are opened up and facial hollows are smoothened without the surprised look that can accompany over-aggressive lifts. You’ll also see that incisions are hidden within the hairline and natural skin creases making them almost invisible.

Browlift. Case 2.  Before and After Photo Gallery: Female - frontal view

Case 2: Lower eyelid skin laxity can lead to a drawn and tired look even when well rested. Here, traditional lower eyelid tightening is combined with subtle fat transfer to treat hollowness under the eye, creating a more youthful look around the eyes that transitions naturally into the cheek area.

Browlift. Case 3.  Before and After Photo Gallery: Female - frontal view

Case 3: This pretty former model was noticing some of the early signs of facial aging, including brow ptosis, heaviness around the eyes, cheek hollowing, and the beginnings of jowls and neck laxity. She underwent full facial rejuvenation with a trichophytic brow lift, upper and lower eyelid tightening, lower face and neck lift, and fat transfer to her sunken cheeks. The result is a remarkably softened appearance. You can see that, when tension is placed on the deep tissues and not the skin, the incisions heal virtually invisibly without stretching or pulling, and she is able to wear her hair however she likes.

Browlift. Case 4.  Before and After Photo Gallery: Female - frontal view

Case 4: This avid outdoors woman and former pro athlete had accumulated a lot of sun damage over the years, making her feel much older than her true age and high energy level would suggest. A trichophytic forehead lift was able to elevate her brows to a more youthful position and smoothen her forehead lines without raising her hairline. Even better, because the forehead muscles are weakened as part of this procedure, her need for botox in future is all but eliminated. A Profiles Hybrid Lift, combining a lower face and neck lift with fat transfer, brought back a stunning neck line while significantly softening her cheeks and the deep folds along her mouth. Finally, skin resurfacing helped to remove her existing sun damage to restore a beautiful glow to her skin.

Rhinoplasty  LA: Patient 54, front View, before and after procedure

Case 5: This woman had a previous rhinoplasty that left her with a scarred, undefined nose with very poor support. She was also noticing a feeling of increasing heaviness of the brows and upper lids that was making her look older. Revision rhinoplasty at Profiles using irradiated rib cartilage allowed us to significantly improve her nasal contour by reducing size and increasing definition while improving breathing at the same time. A trichophytic brow lift raised her brows to a more youthful position and opened up her eyes. Note how the incision at the hairline allows hair to grow through the scar to make the incision completely inconspicuous.

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