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Facelift Surgery

Our team of two facial plastic surgeons work together to customize each facelift surgery to achieve multiple aesthetic goals in one procedure. Known as "the surgeons' surgeons", many of our patients come from the medical community.

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The Hybrid Lift™: The Next Generation of Facelift Procedures

As premiere Beverly Hills and Los Angeles Facelift Surgeons, Drs. Litner and Solieman have recognized through extensive experience that there is a better way to achieve a natural, long-lasting face lift. Their answer is the proprietary Hybrid Lift™ performed exclusively at PROFILES Beverly Hills.

The Hybrid Lift™ is the only facelift that, in a single procedure, addresses the two main signs of facial aging:

  • Increased laxity of facial skin and muscles, and
  • Loss of facial fat and bony volume

This innovative face lift surgery procedure combines the best of all available techniques to provide results that are superior to the Mini Face Lift and the Traditional Facelift.

As well-recognized specialists in facial plastic surgery, we know that, for facial rejuvenation to work optimally, lifting and volume must be coupled in cosmetic facelift surgery. So, we’ve incorporated micro fat transfer as part of our Hybrid Lift™ in the cheek area and around the mouth for most of our patients who are facelift candidates. In this way we are able to give your entire face a consistently smooth, youthful convexity without the usual negatives of a traditional face lift.

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What sets the Hybrid Lift™ above the rest?

The Hybrid Lift™ combines facial volume enhancement with our extensive lift of your sagging deep facial tissues, all performed through a small skin incision. So, we combine the shorter recovery time and less visible scars of mini-lifts with the effectiveness and longevity of more extensive traditional facelifts. And, whether you are just starting to see a sagging cheek, neck and jaw line or have more advanced jowling, the Hybrid Lift™ can be customized to your specific needs. We individually tailor every aspect of this innovative facelift procedure from the lift to the amount and areas of the face where fat volume is restored.

The key benefits of the Hybrid Lift™ are:

  • With our deep lift, we are able to reposition the deep supporting facial tissues (the SMAS) back into their proper youthful location to give you a truly natural look.
  • Using a minimal incision just around the ear, the incisions are completely inconspicuous. Unlike traditional lifts, we never get into the hairlines, move hair tufts, or get a windswept appearance. You can style your hair any way you like.
  • Unlike mini face lifts, because we do the work in the deep layers, the results last.
  • By restoring fat volume, we fill out the concavities responsible for your aged appearance and we restore the youthful, heart-shaped facial structure to which people are drawn.
  • By using your own fat as a facial filler, we are confident that the results will look natural and will last. We can’t say the same for temporary facial fillers. And, unlike with permanent fillers, you never need to worry about the long-term effects of facial fillers with our Hybrid Lift™.

How do we decide if a Hybrid Lift™ is right for you?

For us, the question of which face lift procedure is right for you is answered during your Imaging Consultation once we have gauged the degree of aging and skin laxity among other factors, and weighed these against your needs, desires, fears, and limitations. Unlike other facelift centers dedicated to one particular procedure, we avoid gimmicky cosmetic procedures and concentrate on customizing a treatment plan to best suit your goals. As a result, at PROFILES we take every care in planning your cosmetic facelift surgery in order to preserve your natural features while giving you the younger and more vibrant look you want.

Our Hybrid Lift™ has revolutionized the way we as facial plastic surgeons think about and approach facial rejuvenation. The aesthetic results we have seen with the Hybrid Lift™ have been nothing short of fantastic. And, our patients love that they can be up and around after only a few days.

If you are considering a facelift, we encourage you to contact us now and come in for a consultation with computer imaging so we can show you personally what a Hybrid Lift™ by the facelift specialists at PROFILES can do for you.

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*Results May Vary

The Hybrid Lift™

The following information is provided to give you a basic understanding of the Profiles Hybrid Lift™, including how it can help you, how it is performed, and what you can expect. Because much of facial plastic surgery is dependent upon your individual characteristics, a personal Profiles Consultation is the best way to have all of your questions about the Profiles Facelift answered and your specific needs addressed.

How is a Hybrid Lift™ performed?

The Hybrid Lift™ is a minimally invasive procedure. This means it is performed through an incision that is shorter than the traditional face lift. And, the incision is hidden within the folds of the ear so that it is virtually invisible when healed. The diagrams and photos on this page show how our Hybrid Lift™ matches up against other common face lifts and neck lifts.

With the Hybrid Lift™ the skin is lifted in the lower face and neck so that the excess can be appropriately trimmed. But, we then go into a deeper plane to extensively lift the sagging tissues underneath the skin. It’s this lift that actually creates a lasting, naturally beautiful outcome and minimizes swelling and bruising of the skin, shortening your recovery time. All the tension of the lift is placed on these deep tissues so your skin can drape naturally over your jawline and cheek bones without ever having a hint of a pulled look. The extra saggy skin is tailored and removed via the smaller incision which leaves less scarring and also leads to a quicker recovery. And a quicker recovery means you can start looking fabulous even sooner!

Here you can see the key differences with our Hybrid Lift™. The incision(shown in black) is limited to the ear fold itself so that it becomes virtually invisible. Yet, the cheek, jawline, and neck are extensively treated (shown in light blue) to ensure a natural and lasting lift. Most of this work is done on the deep tissues so that bruising and swelling are minimized. The natural rejuvenation is completed by tailored fat transfer to the folds around the mouth and under eye areas as shown in deep blue. We encourage you to call us to see if this innovative lift is right for you.

The Los Angeles and Beverly Hills Facelift specialists at PROFILES, Dr. Solieman and Dr. Litner, created their Hybrid Lift™ after listening to what countless patients had to say about their facial concerns. Why Hybrid? Because we’ve taken the best of all the facelift procedures and merged them with volume enhancement, to give you the best facelift you can get anywhere, bar none. The Hybrid Lift™ gives you all the benefits of a long lasting natural facelift but with minimal scarring that does not go up into your hairline. So, you don’t have to worry about hair loss or having your sideburn moved halfway up your scalp. There are no visible scars so you can wear your hair in any style you like. And, unlike mini face lifts, the results really last! Because we combine the small incision with lifting of all the deep tissues of your lower face, you’ll get a lasting natural improvement in the neck, along the jaw line, and in the cheek area. And, best of all, we can customize the Hybrid Lift™ procedure to suit your individual needs.

Perhaps most importantly for all of you who have to get back to work, the recovery and bruising after a Hybrid Lift™ are kept to a minimum. While you won’t be lunching out the next day, our Hybrid Lift™ patients are presentable and back to their activities soon after the procedure.

Hybrid Lift™ Facelift Surgery Candidates

A Hybrid Lift™ can improve your self-confidence and provide you a more youthful, refreshed appearance.

In general, we have found that men and women who have some elasticity in their skin and a strong, well-defined bone structure are the best candidates for a Hybrid Lift™. Other factors that we will take into consideration during your consultation include your skin type, your individual healing, your ethnic background, and your smoking history.

While the majority of our Hybrid Lift™ patients range in age from their forties to their sixties, facelifts are successfully performed at PROFILES on patients in their seventies and eighties.

As you decide to undergo a Profiles Hybrid Lift™, you can also ask your doctors if there are any additional surgeries that they would recommend to enhance your facial appearance.

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