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Bring the Face in Balance with Cheek & Jaw Implants

We use implants to strengthen the facial features and augment individual beauty.

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Enhanced Facial Structure

Cheek Implants – Jaw Implants and Augmentation At PROFILES Beverly Hills

Prominent, well-defined cheeks and a jaw line can give you a youthful, healthy appearance. As you age you may be finding that a deficient cheek or jaw structure has made your face appear drawn and gaunt. This may be giving you the appearance of heaviness in the lower face and an aged look. Some of you may simply prefer a more well-defined, chiseled facial appearance.

In these instances, cheek implants and other facial implants may be used for cheek augmentation to enhance the cheekbones and bring the cheeks into balance with the rest of the face.

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Cheek Impalnts – Jaw Implants and Augmentation Candidates

Here at Beverly Hills PROFILES, we often have cheek implant patients from Los Angeles, Irvine, Orange County and other areas who present us with pictures of actors and models with strong, full cheeks or a chiseled jaw line whom they want to look like. In others, weight loss and aging has caused loss of facial soft tissue and led to a gaunt, drawn look. Facial implants such as cheek implants and jaw implants may be used in either instance to fill out your face and restore a more youthful or chiseled appearance.

Cheek augmentation or jaw augmentation with implants may be performed as a solitary procedure or in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures to achieve the desired look. For instance, combining cheek implants with a facelift can help to restore a more youthful appearance. Combining jaw implants with a chin implant or buccal fat pad removal can create a more chiseled lower face. For those looking for a softer enhancement of volume in the cheek and under eye area, Facial Fat Transfer can be an excellent option. Check out our wrinkle treatment and volume enhancement page for more information on that procedure.

Planning For Your Cheek Implants or Jaw Augmentation

Cheek enhancement with cheek implants requires good judgment, skill and a keen aesthetic eye. Your PROFILES cheek or jaw augmentation is a very individualized procedure.

During your consultation personal PROFILES cheek augmentation consultation, our doctors will evaluate your overall facial contours and underlying bone structure. Photographs will be taken so our doctors can further study your face and utilizing state of the art computer imaging systems we will show you what we can achieve with the PROFILES cheek enhancement and we will discuss with you at length what you want as it will largely guide us in our surgery.

We welcome you to bring images that can help us ascertain what your goals are for your cheek implant surgery. We can often use the pictures you bring in with you to guide us in our computer imaging. We also welcome you to discuss the possibilities, pros and cons of using injectable fillers or fat grafting for your cheek or jaw augmentation.

Please be sure that while preparing for your cheek enhancement surgery, you arrange for someone to give you a ride home after your procedure as you will be able to go home the same day as your surgery.

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PROFILES Surgery Center

All of our outpatient procedures including chin augmentation, cheek implants, and jaw implant surgery are performed in our brand new, state of the art, fully accredited, office-based surgical facility – the PROFILES Surgery Center.


Here at PROFILES, we utilize only board certified anesthesiologists for all our surgeries. We have found that many of our patients want to be completely asleep and under general anesthesia during their surgery. Others comfortably tolerate cheek augmentation under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. In the latter case, you would be in so called twilight sleep during surgery and insensitive to pain. However, the extent of your procedure and your preference can also help to determine the type of anesthesia used.

Your Cheek Implant Surgery

Your cheek implant surgery typically takes forty-five minutes to an hour to complete. Small incisions are made inside of your mouth and the proper size and shape implant is then selected to best enhance your appearance. We often try a few different sizes in order to best replicate the goal you are seeking to achieve. The cheek implant is then customized to you before finally being inserted into the pocket over the front of your cheek bone.

After Your Cheek Augmentation Surgery

Most of our cheek augmentation patients describe a tight feeling the night of surgery, but rarely is pain an issue. You will be provided with pain medications should you need them both during the first night and if ever necessary, for the days that follow.

We will call and check on you that first night after surgery, and as with all our patients we will see you in the office the day following surgery to go over the surgery and check on you. Your progress will be closely followed during the first week or two, and you will be given a list of activities and environments that should be avoided in the weeks after surgery. In order to minimize post operative discomfort we utilize self-absorbing stitches that dissolve on their own.

As with all our procedures, we schedule all of your follow-up appointments when you schedule your cheek implant surgery. And we are so committed to your long term results and happiness that we will do our best to follow your postoperative course even years after your cheek augmentation and cheek implant surgery.

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