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Chin Implants Before & After Photo Gallery

All photos shown are real patients of Profiles Beverly Hills. After photos are taken at least one year after surgery unless stated otherwise. No photo has been altered in any way.

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Case 1 - front view- before and after surgery

Case 1: Obtaining a natural look is all about balancing individual features so that the overall facial aesthetic just looks right. You can see here that deprojecting the nose and augmenting the chin creates a profile that is stronger and substantially more balanced. Fat transfer to the under-eye area in this case contributes to a more youthful appearance. A scar under the right eye is also much improved with fat transfer alone.

Case 4 - front view- before and after surgery

Case 2: A weak chin and jawline combined with heavier skin can tend to exacerbate aging changes even in younger people. In this case, a combination approach was taken including a chin implant, platysmaplasty or neck tightening, and fat transfer to the cheeks along with rhinoplasty to reverse the drawn and tired look. Instead, she now looks brighter and younger with far more balanced features.


Case 5 - front view- before and after surgery

Case 3: The goal here was to enhance overall facial proportions by improving the relationship between the nose and chin. Narrowing of the nose and squaring of the chin on front view combined with hump reduction and projection of the chin on profile view all helps to create a more balanced facial aesthetic while strengthening masculine features.

Case 6 - front view- before and after surgery

Case 4: This is a case of a typical broken nose with the associated curvature and nasal hump. Corrective surgery focused on hump reduction, straightening, and some tip refinement to restore her nose to its pre-injury appearance. A chin implant also helped to balance her facial proportions.


Case 7 - front view- before and after surgery

Case 5: A weak chin can exacerbate a sense of neck fullness and lower facial rounding and imbalance. In this patient, chin augmentation combined with neck liposuction helped to create a more streamlined jaw and neck contour and to restore a more harmonious sense of facial proportion.

Case 8 - front view- before and after surgery

Case 6: This patient had some typical concerns of feeling washed out from the front with flattening and spreading of her tip. She was very happy with the narrowing and definition achieved for her bridge and tip along with nostril reduction. In addition, chin augmentation increased chin projection to improve the balance of her lower face and jawline.


Case 2 - front view- before and after surgery

Case 7: Some patients present with a small chin that requires more. In this case, use of the proper large chin implant was able to create fantastic chin projection as well as restore a stronger, more natural look from the front view.

Case 3 - front view- before and after surgery

Case 8: The negative impact of aging on chin appearance is often overlooked. We frequently see patients complaining of an irregular, weaker chin in combination with a “turkey gobbler” neck. A “witch’s chin” deformity can happens as a result of relaxation of the chin skin and musculature over time. At Profiles, we pride ourselves on a thorough surgical plan that is uniquely tailored to your needs. This gentleman’s concerns were corrected with a conservative chin implant, minimal neck liposuction and tightening of excess skin and muscle.


Case 2 - front view- before and after surgery

Case 9: With a small chin, this young woman felt that her nose was taking over her face, bringing undue attention to her mid-face and making her look more cheek-y. A combination of rhinoplasty and a chin implant with neck liposuction helped to restore a beautiful balance to her features. She couldn’t be happier with the result.

Case 10 - front view- before and after surgery

Case 10: A combination approach was used here to create a really meaningful but completely natural transformation. Otoplasty made prominent ears all but disappear from the field of view and no longer distract or draw attention. At the same time, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, and neck liposuction accomplished were able to remove a nasal hump and overprojection while improving chin and neck laxity to achieve a nice overall balance.


Case 11 - front view - before and after pictures

Case 11: This young woman really disliked her nasal hump and droopy tip. She preferred a much softer aesthetic with a slight dorsal break that we were able to accomplish with rhinoplasty. That combined with a medium chin implant really helped to soften her look.

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