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Asian Rhinoplasty

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The Asian Nose

women's photoSurgery of East Asian noses demands an appreciation of ethnic beauty and recognition of the underlying need to maintain racial identity. Drs. Litner and Solieman recognize that it is critical to understand the need to preserve racial integrity while improving aesthetic proportions to better balance and harmonize a patient’s overall attractiveness.

We have found that, as with all the other ethnicities described, major variations exist within the various Asian groups with respect to archetypical characteristics. For example, Japanese patients generally have more facial accent and angulation than do the Chinese, who tend towards rounder faces. The Chinese nose tends to be broader and shorter, with a less defined, rather broad nasal tip.

Koreans, in general, have very prominent and high cheekbones. Characteristically, their faces have a long middle third (midface) with long noses. Finally, the Malayan racial groups, which include Philippinos and Indonesians, who are not truly considered Far East populations, more typically have a wide nostril base with flared nostrils. The Malayan noses are also typically short and flat.

In describing the East Asian nose, essential differences between Western and Asian noses that affect treatment and outcome are:

  1. Weak tip cartilages
  2. Thin, weak septal cartilage
  3. More soft tissue in the nasal tip
  4. Relatively thick skin

When present, Drs. Litner and Solieman take these differences in anatomic and structural components into consideration in planning your surgery and in explaining to you, our patient, what can be accomplished with your surgery.

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