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PROFILES Modern Rhinoplasty Textbook

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PROFILES Modern Rhinoplasty Textbook

All You Need to Know to Understand Your Surgery

Table of Contents

1. General Considerations – The Basics of What You Need to Know Regarding Your Surgery

2. Nasal Aesthetics and Analysis – Discussion of Balanced Nasal Proportions

3. Nasal Anatomy – The Structure of Your Nose

4. Functional Rhinoplasty – Surgery to Improve Nasal Breathing

5. Management of the Nasal Tip – Nasal Tip Surgery

6. The Nasal Hump – Evaluation and Treatment

7. Male Rhinoplasty – Rhinoplasty in Men

8. Ethnic Rhinoplasty

9. The Aging Nose – Rhinoplasty in Older Individuals

10. The Twisted Nose – Treatment of the Broken, Crooked Nose

11. Finesse Rhinoplasty – Surgery For Those Who Want Minimal Changes

12. Revision Rhinoplasty – Correction of Unsatisfactory Results from Previous Surgery

13. The Hanging Columella and Notched Ala – The Appearance of Retracted Nostrils or of Too Much Visible Septum

14. The Retracted Columella – The Appearance of Too Little Visible Septum

15. Alar Base Reduction – Treatment of Nostrils That Are Too Wide

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