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PROFILES Modern Rhinoplasty Textbook

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All You Need to Know to Understand Your Surgery

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Table of Contents

1. General Considerations 
The Basics of What You Need to Know Regarding Your Surgery

2. Nasal Aesthetics and Analysis
Discussion of Balanced Nasal Proportions

3. Nasal Anatomy 
The Structure of Your Nose

4. Functional Rhinoplasty 
Surgery to Improve Nasal Breathing

5. Management of the Nasal Tip
Nasal Tip Surgery

6. The Nasal Hump
Evaluation and Treatment

7. Male Rhinoplasty 
Rhinoplasty in Men

8. Ethnic Rhinoplasty

9. The Aging Nose 
Rhinoplasty in Older Individuals

10. The Twisted Nose 
Treatment of the Broken, Crooked Nose

11. Finesse Rhinoplasty
Surgery For Those Who Want Minimal Changes

12. Revision Rhinoplasty
Correction of Unsatisfactory Results from Previous Surgery

13. The Hanging Columella and Notched Ala
The Appearance of Retracted Nostrils or of Too Much Visible Septum

14. The Retracted Columella
The Appearance of Too Little Visible Septum

15. Alar Base Reduction 
Treatment of Nostrils That Are Too Wide


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