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Septal Perforation

Written by Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman

Septal Perforation

Septal perforation is yet another complicated problem that can arise for a variety of reasons. Some septal perforations occur after previous nasal surgery, such as a septoplasty (corrective surgery for a deviated septum). Some occur following accidents or trauma; others occur from exposure to different chemical insults including drugs of abuse, and still others occur from underlying medical problems. For this reason, Drs. Solieman and Litner will conduct a thorough evaluation to unmask the underlying causes.

A perforation or hole in the nasal septum is not simply a one-layered hole. It is a hole in the cartilaginous and/or bony portion of the septum that separates your nose into two distinct sides as well as a hole in both sides of the lining that normally covers the septum.

Unfortunately, very often it is not possible to just “close” the hole or to just place a carti­lage graft because repair of all layers is required for a successful outcome. Therefore, when we repair a septal perforation, we must address the membrane on both sides along with the intervening area of missing cartilage.

Older methods of repair have used various materials such as skin grafts or grafts from inside the mouth that have been transferred up to this area. The problem with grafts of this type is that they do not replace the lost nasal lining with the same tissue. Because of this, among other factors, these tech­niques have only about a fifty percent suc­cess rate.

Through many years of experience, Drs. Solieman and Litner have adopted a method that has a significantly greater probability of success. Very few surgeons choose to undertake this complex procedure because of its laborious and technically difficult nature.

Female face - before Nasal Anatomy treatment, front viewFemale face - after Nasal Anatomy treatment, front viewBeforeAfter
Female face - before Nasal Anatomy treatment, left side viewFemale face - after Nasal Anatomy treatment, left side viewBeforeAfter

In summary, this is a highly specialized opera­tion that takes much skill and many hours. Surgery of this nature may be at least partially reimbursed by insurance carriers, though sometimes not. Our experienced team at Beverly Hills Profiles will make every effort to assist you with this process. Patients with septal perforations often find us because either they or their doctors have heard of our success rate with this operation. While there can be no guarantees of a successful outcome, even with this more complex operation, we hope to count you among our successes.


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