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Finding the Best Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Written by Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman | December 4th, 2015

Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed. It is also one of the most subtle and complex. If a nose surgery is not done with exacting skill, it can lead to unwanted outcomes, such as a functional breathing problem or a lingering aesthetic concern. Even when a rhinoplasty is executed with a well-honed technique, the risk of complication still exists. A revision rhinoplasty can correct problems resulting from a previous procedure.

Finding the best surgeon for your revision rhinoplasty can be daunting. Here are the top three qualities you should look for in a surgeon:

  • Experience. Revision rhinoplasty is a specialized category of nose surgery and requires a high level of surgical skill. Look for a surgeon with a verifiable, strong track record of performing revision procedures.
  • Excellent communication skills. Your surgeon to be able to communicate the benefits and limitations of a revision rhinoplasty. The prospect of a second surgery can be draining. A good surgeon will be able to explain the nature of your particular complication and walk you through the best solution.
  • Integrity. Most importantly, you should feel confident that your plastic surgeon is keeping your best interests in mind. Unfortunately, some revision rhinoplasties are necessary because a plastic surgeon over-promised or did not focus on achievable results.

Although a revision rhinoplasty can correct a primary surgery, it is important to remember that too many nose surgeries can pose a danger. Even more important than the specific number of surgeries you’ve had is the details of what was done during your previous procedures. A patient who has had several previous surgeries in which structure was largely maintained will be in a better position for revision than a patient having only one prior surgery in whom there was very aggressive cartilage removal or skin injury. Maintaining sufficient structure, minimizing tissue scarring, and natural-looking results should be the priority. Before signing on to a revision rhinoplasty, you should discuss your motivations and concerns with Drs. Litner and Solieman.

Your Revision Rhinoplasty Consultation at Beverly Hills Profiles

During your consultation, Los Angeles plastic surgeons Drs. Litner and Solieman will evaluate your nose, taking into consideration your complete surgical history–including the date of your primary rhinoplasty and any other subsequent nose surgeries. If are not satisfied with the outcome of a previous rhinoplasty, contact us today for a comprehensive consultation.


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