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Can a Rhinoplasty Change My Smile?

Written by Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman | February 2nd, 2016

Rhinoplasty, or cosmetic nose surgery, is a procedure that can dramatically, yet naturally, change the appearance of your nose and, consequently, your entire face. The surgery, performed under general anesthesia, involves making discrete incisions so that the nasal bone and cartilage tissue can be reshaped.

Throughout the procedure, surgical skill and an expert eye must complement each other in order produce natural-looking results. A surgeon must be careful not to remove too much tissue (over-resection) or, conversely, remove too little tissue (under-resection). If grafted tissue is employed to reconstruct the nose–for example, to modify the tip projection–the surgeon must work with precision to properly sculpt the nose. When done well, a rhinoplasty should in no way adversely affect how the nose functions. However, depending on the change desired, there may be some potential secondary aesthetic consequences to consider.

For instance, you may be concerned that a rhinoplasty procedure will affect your lip movement or smile. So will a rhinoplasty change your smile? The answer is a resounding NO if you have your rhinoplasty performed with the surgeons at Beverly Hills Profiles.

First, it should be noted that any changes to the upper lip movement is typically associated with work on the tip. Resculpting the bridge or straightening a broken nose should not have any impact on your smile. However, if the tip is stabilized with certain suture techniques or if cartilage is grafted to the tip to counteract a drooping or underprojected tip, your upper lip will likely feel more stiff for a little while after surgery. This is because the grafted cartilage gives the necessary structure to correct the tip, but it adds additional stiffness. This stiffness allows for the tip to maintain its position so that there is no longer a drop when smiling. It also improves tip stability over the long term so that your nose ages better than if you never had the rhinoplasty in the first place.

As a consequence, for a week or two after surgery, you may feel that your smile feels less pronounced than usual. This feeling is often compounded by the fact that your nasal tip and upper lip can feel somewhat numb for a few weeks after surgery, so your smile may feel a little strange. Within a week or so, however, your smile should not look different to any one else and you can anticipate it returning to normal within a short time after your surgery. So, you can get back to your life happy with your new nose and looking forward to a stable and healthy nasal structure for decades to come.

At Beverly Hills Profiles, Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman can review any potential side effects and shorter-term trade-offs that might occur due to a rhinoplasty procedure. As highly experienced and skilled surgeons, they can help guide your decision and summarize the cosmetic benefits of nose surgery. If you are contemplating a cosmetic change to your nose, contact Beverly Hills Profiles for a comprehensive consultation.


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