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Otoplasty Before & After Photo Gallery

All photos shown are real patients of Profiles Beverly Hills. After photos are taken at least one year after surgery unless stated otherwise. No photo has been altered in any way.

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Case 4 - front view - Before & After Photo Gallery

Case 1: A successful otoplasty relies on completely drawing unwanted attention away from the ears. This requires just the right amount of movement of the ears to create naturally-contoured ears that no longer protrude but that also don’t look excessively flat or pasted down.

Case 2 - front view - Before & After Photo Gallery

Case 2: Prominent ears can be a noticeable distraction from otherwise pretty and balanced features. The objective of otoplasty in not to create ears that look overly flat or that go too far in the other direction. Instead, a successful otoplasty allows ears to do exactly what they should and that is to go unnoticed.


Case 3 - front view - Before & After Photo Gallery

Case 3: This young woman was unhappy with her prominent ears. Many surgeries to correct prominent ears leave unsightly ridges and obvious signs of an operation. At PROFILES, we specialize in bringing the ears to a more satisfying position with the most natural of looks. A PROFILES Beverly Hills otoplasty was able to recreate a natural ear contour for this woman so that her ears no longer attracted unwanted attention.

Case 1 - front view - Before & After Photo Gallery

Case 4: Protrusive ears can often make people self-conscious, especially when there is some asymmetry. This up and coming young actor wore his hair long for years to cover up his prominent ears. He was happy enough with his left ear but wanted to change the position of his right ear to match the other side. The goal of otoplasty in his case was to achieve that symmetry he desired. The results were great and he finally got the big haircut he had always wanted.


Case 5 - front view - Before & After Photo Gallery

Case 5: This patient felt uncomfortable wearing her hair back due to her somewhat prominent ears. A conservative set back of her ears succeeded in taking attention away from her ears by bringing them into the vertical plane. At the same time, a rhinoplasty to reduce nasal tip width and fullness helped to achieve a beautiful balance for her.

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