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PROFILES Cheek Implant FAQ’s

What is cheek augmentation?

Cheek augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure which uses implants to enhance the cheekbones and bring the cheeks into balance with the rest of the facial features.

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What is the implant made of for cheek augmentation?

There are many different facial implants which may be used for cheek augmentation. They can be made of a variety of materials including Gore-Tex, solid silicone, and other substances.

Who is a good candidate for cheek augmentation?

Those who are looking to improve or enhance the appearance of the cheeks may be good candidates for cheek augmentation. As with all facial plastic surgery, patients must also have realistic expectations and be in good health. Cheek augmentation is often sought by younger patients to enhance the cheek bones and balance out the facial features. For older patients, cheek augmentation can restore fullness to a face that appears sunken or tired as a result of age.

What does the consultation for cheek augmentation entail?

During your consultation with Dr. Litner or Dr. Solieman, you will explain what you dislike about your cheeks and what you hope to achieve. Bringing in photos of cheeks that are similar to your goal can be helpful. Your medical history will be taken, at which time you should tell the doctor of any previous facial surgery you have, any medications you take, and if you smoke. The doctors will provide you with information about the latest cheek augmentation techniques and, if applicable, they may recommend additional procedures to help you reach your goals. Reasonable outcomes will be discussed, as well as the details of the surgery include the facility, the anesthesia, the recovery, the possible risks, and the associated costs.

Where do Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman perform cheek augmentation?

All outpatient procedures will be performed in our brand new, state of the art, fully accredited, office-based surgical facility located in Beverly Hills.

What type of anesthesia will be used for my cheek augmentation procedure?

Dr. Solieman and Dr. Litner commonly use general anesthesia for cheek augmentation.

How is cheek augmentation performed?

For cheek augmentation, a small incision is typically made on the inside of the mouth. The doctor will then create a pocket into which the implant is inserted. When cheek augmentation is performed with some other procedures, such as eyelid surgery or a facelift, the implants may be inserted through the incision made for the other procedure. Once the surgery is complete, a dressing will be applied.

How long does the surgery for cheek augmentation take to perform?

Cheek augmentation usually takes an hour to perform.

Where are the incisions for cheek augmentation located?

The incisions for cheek augmentation are typically made on the inside of the mouth. When cheek augmentation is performed with another procedure like a facelift or eyelid surgery, the incision for that procedure may be used to insert the implant.

Will I have scars after cheek augmentation?

The incisions for cheek augmentation are typically made on the inside of the mouth which results in no visible scarring.

Will I be in much pain after undergoing cheek augmentation?

Patients may experience some discomfort after cheek augmentation and talking, smiling and other facial movements may be limited by swelling. Medication can help to manage any post-operative discomfort.

What is the recovery like after cheek augmentation?

Some swelling may occur after cheek augmentation which can limit talking, smiling and other facial movements. The majority of swelling will fade within several days, though it can take up to six weeks for some minor swelling to clear up. Any discomfort that patients experience can be managed with medication. You will need to follow instructions for dental and oral hygiene and eating. A liquid or soft diet may need to be followed for the first few days.

How soon will I be able to return to work after my cheek augmentation procedure?

Most normal activities, including work, can be resumed within ten days after cheek augmentation.

How soon will I be able to exercise after my cheek augmentation procedure?

Rigorous activities and exercise may need to be postponed for a period of time. Any activities that can bump or jar the face will need to be avoided for several weeks.

When will the stitches be removed after my cheek augmentation procedure?

For incisions made on the inside of the mouth, absorbable sutures are used. These do not need to be removed as they will dissolve on their own within about ten days.

Are there any risks associated with cheek augmentation?

As with all types of surgery, cheek augmentation does have potential risks which may include adverse anesthesia reactions, capsular contracture, implant shifting, infection, unnatural shape, and the need for additional surgery.

Is cheek augmentation covered by insurance?

Insurance usually does not cover cheek augmentation procedure that are cosmetic in nature. If treating an injury or major deformity, some coverage may be available. Patients should talk with their own insurance company.

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