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PROFILES Beverly Hills Browlift – Forehead Lift FAQ’s

Q – What is a PROFILES Beverly Hills Browlift?
The Browlift, also known as a Forehead Lift, is a plastic surgery procedure which can correct a drooping brow and improve forehead lines and furrows in order to restore a more youthful and refreshed appearance to the forehead area. The Brow Lift can correct a tired, angry, or sad appearance often associated with aging of theforehead. The procedure raises the eyebrows and removes or alters the underlying muscles and tissues.

Q – Who is a good candidate for a PROFILES Browlift?
Those who are unhappy with the appearance of the brow and forehead area may be good candidates for a Browlift – Forehead Lift. Though most Los Angeles and Beverly Hills Browlift patients are between the ages of forty and sixty, the procedure may be performed at younger and older ages. As with all types of facial plastic surgery, Brow Lift patients should also be in good health and have realistic expectations.

Q – What does the consultation for a Browlift – Forehead Liftentail?
During your complimentary Browlift consultation with Los Angeles and Beverly Hills Browlift surgeons and specialists Dr. Solieman or Dr. Litner, your face will be examined to assess your facial structure, skin condition, and hairline in order to determine the best technique. Your medical history will be taken and you should tell the doctor about any medications your are taking, any previous facial surgery you have had, and whether or not your smoke. Your goals and realistic expectations will be discussed. All details of the browlift procedure will be explained including the technique, the anesthesia, the facility, the risks, and the costs.

Q – Where do Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman perform the Browlift surgery?
The endoscopic Browlift is performed in an outpatient surgery center.

Q – What type of anesthesia will be used for my Browlift surgery?
Dr. Solieman and Dr. Litner commonly use general anesthesia for the Brow Liftprocedure.

Q – How is the Browlift surgery performed?
The PROFILES Beverly Hills Browlift may be performed as an “open” or endoscopic technique, with the main difference between the two being the incision placement. For the open or traditional technique, a coronal incision is made slightly behind the natural hairline. For the newer endoscopic technique, several small incisions measuring one-half-inch to one-inch in length are made just behind the hairline. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman prefer the endoscopic technique when possible as it is less invasive and involves less risk of temporary scalp numbness. Once the incisions are made, the forehead skin is lifted and the underlying muscles and tissues are altered or removed. The eyebrows may be lifted and held in place with sutures or temporary fixation screws.

Q – How long does the surgery for a Browlift take to perform?
The endoscopic Browlift takes about one to two hours to complete.

Q – Where are the incisions for a browlift located?
For a traditional Brow Lift, a coronal incision is made which is located slightly behind the natural hairline. For an endoscopic Browlift, three to five small incisions measuring one-half-inch to one-inch in length are located just behind the hairline.

Q – Will I have scars after a Browlift?
The incisions made for the Browlift will result in scars, though they tend to be well-concealed within the hairline. The incisions for theendoscopic Browlift are less extensive than those for the traditional brow lift technique.

Q – Will I be in much pain after undergoing a browlift?
Patients may experience some numbness and temporary discomfort around the incision site after the Browlift, though this can be managed with medication.

Q – What is the recovery like after the Browlift?
The recovery after the Browlift surgery is often less extensive after an endoscopic Brow Lift than after a traditional Browlift. During the first ten days after surgery, some swelling and bruising may occur. Some itching and numbness may occur around the incision site, though this tends to be less after the endoscopic technique. You will be advised to keep the head elevated and to use cold compresses in order to minimize swelling. The bandages will be removed within one to three days after surgery, after which time you will be able to shower and shampoo your hair. PROFILES Beverly Hills Browliftpatients should plan on taking it easy for the first week.

Q – How soon will I be able to return to work after my Browlift surgery?
Work can usually be resumed within seven to ten days after yourBrowlift surgery, sometimes sooner for endoscopic patients.

Q – How soon will I be able to exercise after my Brow Lift procedure?
Though you will be given specific instruction on resuming your normal activities after the browlift, you will generally need to avoid vigorous physical activity for several weeks. This can include heavy housework, bending, jogging, sex, and any activities which increase your blood pressure. Prolonged heat or sun exposure will also need to be avoided for several months.

Q – When will the stitches be removed after my Browlift surgery?
The stitches are removed within seven to ten days after the Browlift.

Q – Are there any risks associated with the Browlift?
As with all types of surgery, the browlift does have potential risks which may include adverse anesthesia reactions, asymmetry, bleeding, excessive or broad scarring, infection, nerve injury, and the need for additional surgery.

Q – Is the PROFILES Beverly Hills Browlift procedure covered by insurance?
Insurance generally does not cover Browlift procedures which are purely cosmetic in nature, though patients should check with their own insurance carrier.